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Net Integrator Appliances

Net Integrator The Net Integrator is a fully integrated multi-function server appliance that is ideal for use as an office server/internet gateway for small- to medium-sized businesses. The Net Integrator can simplify your network, increase the reliabilty of your computing infrastructure, and lower your costs.

In today's highly-connected, and computer-dependent business environment, virtually every company needs network services in order to operate effectively, including:

  • Printer and file sharing
  • E-mail service and internet access
  • Network firewall and virus protection
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Secure remote access through virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Internal and external web services
The Net Integrator provides all these functions (and more), in an easy to operate, effective, and reliable package.

PC Magazine recognized Net Integrator as a Best Product of 2002, reflecting the Net Integrator's effectiveness, reliability, and ease of use.

Integrator The Net Integrator is available in 4 models, with features and storage capacity options allowing it to be tailored to your needs. With multiple disks, multiple network interfaces, and support for virtually all common network services, the Net Integrator may be the only server your office will ever need. And with its ability to load balance across multiple internet connections, and to provide VPN (Virtual Private Network) connectivity to other offices and remote users, your network connectivity will be reliable and secure.

If you've got more than one office, or you need to work from home or while travelling, the Net Integrator's full standards-based, VPN (virtual private network) capability allows you to securely, and seamlessly, connect your offices through another Net Integrator, a remote office firewall (such as the RoBoX firewall appliance), or a single PC.

More information on the Net Integrator is available at the Net Integration Technologies web site, or contact us, and we would be glad to show you how a Net Integrator can help in your office, and provide you with access to our demonstration system,

NIproxy, a SYONEX affiliate, offers a range of services intended to augment and complement Net Integrator servers.


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