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Asterisk PBX and VoIP
Digium Reseller
We sell and support Asterisk PBX and VoIP systems and interface cards. We've been a Digium reseller and Asterisk user (and provider) since May, 2003, and have delivered to customers in (almost) every Canadian province. We're hoping to be Canada's best Digium and Asterisk supplier, and like to think that our record of happy and repeat customers suggests that we are the leading Digium reseller in Canada.
Shop We offer online ordering and payment for those wishing to purchase Digium's line of telephony products for use with Asterisk. Check out our online store. Or we're happy to accept purchase orders from most esablished businesses. You can download a copy of our current pricing for Digium products in PDF format.
  We also sell some other VoIP products, such as the Sipura line of telephone adapters.

More information on Asterisk is available at the Asterisk PBX web site, or contact us, and we will work with you to define an Asterisk solution for your requirements.


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