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Online Service Access

Most online services (webmail, online payment, etc.) are provided through our secure site

Mail Client Setup

If your email is hosted by SYONEX, configure your email client (Outlook,, Eudora, etc.) as follows.

All email connections, sending and receiving, should be configured to use authentication and encryption.

Sending mail:
   SMTP - some older devices may need to use
   SMTP port:587
   SMTP authentication:Required
   SMTP userid:Your full email address
   SMTP password:Your email password
   SMTP excryption:Required -- use STARTTLS
Receiving mail:
In most cases, you should use IMAP:
   Especially if you use multiple devices to read your mail.
   IMAP server:
   IMAP port: 993
   IMAP encryption: On and required -- SSL
   IMAP userid: Your full email address
   IMAP password: Your email password
If you wish to use POP instead:
   Make sure your mail reader is not configured to "leave mail on server" indefinitely.
   POP server:
   POP port: 995
   POP encryption: On and required -- SSL
   POP userid: Your full email address
   POP password: Your email password

Web Mail Interface and Management

A webmail interface is available at:

You can manage your email account (password, automatic reply) at:

Additional Information

Additional support information is available at the new SYONEX Support site at

Online Support

Online customer management functions and bill payment are available through our secure site.

Contact Customer Support

To contact customer support, for assistance with our products or services, please mail
or call
+1 905 470-9649

All problem reports will be entered into our ticketing system to ensure prompt response and resolution.


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