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GNAT Box Firewalls
GNAT Box The GNAT Box line of firewalls is a secure, reliable, feature-rich, and cost-effective family of self-contained firewalls.

RoBoX The GNAT Box product line includes a firewall for every need, from the RoBoX (at right), perfect for the remote, branch, or home office supporting up to 50 users, to the GB-1000 Firewall/VPN Appliance (below), featuring unlimited users, up to eight 10/100 ethernet interfaces, and an optional high-availability, redundant pair configuration.

The GNAT Box firewalls run the GNAT Box System Software, a totally self-contained system, which integrates both an operating system and innovative hybrid firewall technology into a single high performance compact system. The GNAT Box System implements a full-featured firewall, based around GTA's stateful packet inspection and network address translation (NAT) technology. It includes all the functionality that you need and expect in a firewall, including multiple network interfaces, protection between protected, external, and private service (DMZ) networks.

GB-1000 All GTA firewalls are configured through an easy to use encrypted web browser or Windows GUI interface, providing effective and secure access to all firewall features. And the GNAT Box System includes logging and alerting functionality, that can be integrated with your existing systems, and greater control and piece of mind.

For connecting multiple offices, home office access, or secure access to your internal network while travelling, the GNAT Box System includes complete, standards-based VPN (virtual private network) capabilities. A RoBoX firewall appliance is a perfect choice for securely integrating a small remote office with your central office network, and can intergrate seamlessly with the Net Integrator server appliance.

For special needs, the GNAT Box firewall system is also available to run from a flash memory module, or from a single floppy disk, on an ordinary PC.

More information on GNAT Box firewalls is available at the Global Technology Associates web site, or contact us, and we will put together a firewall and security solution that meets both your needs and your budget. We'll also give you access to our demonstration firewall, so you can experience the GNAT Box features and interface first hand.


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